Greetings From Tasty bakery Restaurant & Cafe

Tasty welcomes you, you have found your way to the perfect dining place in Dar es salaam

Our fine menu full of a distinct array of coffee blends, pastries, Cakes, variety of salads, delectable breakfast, main courses and lunch sandwiches. We hope the neighborhood will embrace Tasty with our amazing quality pastries, food and drinks. We intend to keep the same relaxed and chic atmosphere which also has free wi-fi and has ample parking space available.


#This Must be the Place

“Life Begins After Coffee”

This Must Be The Place

Tasty Bakery & c Coffee Shop was founded in 2016 with a mission to introduce our specialty aromatic organic coffee, freshly roasted to all Dar es salaam residence” Darzdence” . An Espresso Bar dedicated to proposing a complete cup of freshly roasted and grounded beans to perfection. Our establishment is in the heart of Mikocheni Area with a goal to serve the entire North East include Dar city center. We offer a modern European atmosphere within a warm, relaxing setting full of culture and charismatic charm.
As we grow, our priority is to focus on catering extensive and superior quality products to our customers.